Tech Talk.

On the road to Mustang

by Todd Kelly and Andre Heimgartner | Kelly Racing
30 July 3:00-3:40 PM AEST

Join Todd and Andre as they discuss the move from a four-car Nissan Altima to a two-car Ford Mustang operation. This process required the team to develop an entirely new engine platform and evolve all 19 of its internal manufacturing departments over to the production of new equipment. We will aim to give you a unique insight into the trials and tribulations faced during this process and how we overcame them. 

Toddy Kelly | Kelly Racing
Andre Heimgartner


2:00 PM

Think like a startup

Ryan Davis |

3:00 PM

On the road to Mustang

Todd Kelly & Andre Heimgartner | Kelly Racing

4:00 PM

Inside Penrite Racing

Barry Ryan | Penrite Racing



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